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I don't ever watch live because of commercials and time constraints. I always record on my Dish DVR. So please tell me why when I watched the re-broadcast of the French F1 I got golf and wrestling instead?

Your insistence on broadcasting these events whenever you feel like it is, to put it bluntly, *** in the extreme.

Speedvision (pardon while I shed some tears for this grievous loss) knew what their customers wanted and how to provide it. All events were broadcast as they occurred and then re-broadcast More than once to allow viewers without DVR's the ability to watch at their convenience.

They also allowed the pre-race coverage to occur as part of the event itself unlike you dimwits who choose to broadcast that whenever. It was obvious that they also cared about their coverage.

It is obvious to me and many others that you don't.

When Fox be-headed SpeedVision and changed it to SpeedChannel I was not alone in my confusion and dismay. But they did continue F1 coverage acceptably though not as well as SpeedVision.

Your coverage Sucks.

I know that what I say here is falling on deaf ears and the only benefit of my writing this is the very slight benefit it gives my well being thinking I'm doing something positive.

So you guys go have fun with your trophy wives and gold plated Cadillacs cause I know that the fact that you suck so badly won't effect your tiny useless minds a bit.

Yours in passionate disgust


Review about: Nbc Sports Streaming Service.

Reason of review: You don't know racing.

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